Software and infrastructure done expertly.

Supercharge your ideas

We work with you every step of the way to turn your ideas into reality, in a way that can scale to handle beyond-best-case growth.

Solid foundations

Our unmatched ability to architect technology solutions from first principles, coupled with our end-to-end skills mean equal attention to front-end and back-end, database and security, all built while strategising with you to ensure the finished product is the best it can be.

Value for money

We are not expensive, but our involvement brings multiple value-adds to your project that normally cost a lot extra, such as usability awareness, scalability, security, technical strategy and boardroom-level advice.


Flashlight Solutions is, at its core, a software development business producing niche, innovative technology products, backed by a strong work ethic, big-picture vision and a perfectionist attitude to design, architecture and outcomes. Flashlight often incubates new products or systems, and acts as technology partner where appropriate.
  • 2014

    In 2014 we moved to the beach

    Flashlight is based in Pottsville Beach, Australia, with additional presence in London and Johannesburg (Los Angeles coming soon).

  • 2001

    15-year history of satisfied clients

    Flashlight has been around for 15 years. Its founder, Geoff Ellison, has been architecting and building technology solutions for 27 years.

Satisfied Clients

Repeat Business

Infrastructure Uptime